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"Obsessions": Photo album by Petros Kotzabasis

(για ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ)

Obsessions is the first photo album of Petros Kotzabasis published by Black Box publications. As the photographer introduces himself in the book:

"...Petros Kotzabasis was born in Komotini (a town in north of Greece), where he is currently lining. He photographes the "riches" of everyday life on a daily basis, chasing after the moment when narration becomes superfluous with the intention of creating a new universe , where all is apparent but still something remains unseen, not through symbols but through hints. He is presently teaching the Photographic Teams of Komotini, Xanthi, and Kavala, communicating the personal experiences on his photographic quest..."

We believe that this book is an honest approach to art photography, where form and content coexist in harmony. Despite of the phenomenical simplicity of his compositions, his photographs are open into deeper and multiple interpretations.

The photos for this book were chosen by Platon Rivellis, a Greek photographer who is well known for his teachings and writings about photography. Rivellis also signed the book ‘s foreword and wrote among other things:

“In Kotzabasis' photographs there are many elements witch are often subtle or mysterious. The fact is than they come from different origins and not only through from. The complexity is not restricted to the apparent outward formalism, in witch yet again he moves with great ease, but it fills the approach with emotions, tensions and contradictions arising from unexpected details. Thus , his every picture is converted into a charming amalgam, witch resists easy and unambiguous interpretations.”

It is difficult though, through a post, to describe the aesthetic experience of a hard copy of this photobook.

For more information about the book and the photographer you can visit


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