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in[+]frame introduces photographer Martino Di Silvestro

Martino Di Silvestro

In[+]frame introduces today Martino Di Silvestro, an Italian born photographer living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. Di Silvestro has been taking photographs for over twenty years and he has developed a personal look with an inner perspective manifested through each picture that he makes. His subjects range from effortless portraits and unstaged everyday life scenes, to urban landscapes, textures and patterns. When looking at his photographs one may feel like he is peering at the photographer's personal journal, his record of everyday memories.

In[+]frame made for you a selection from Martino Di Silvestro's work. Check out our selected gallery: "the unexpected".

Martino Di Silvestro

"...While taking picture, I feel myself in a condition of presence and absence at the same time..."

Martino Di Silvestro

"...It's a kind of distance from things that makes me happy and opens my view on the unexpected..."

Jehsong Baak

Short bio

Martino Di Silvestro (Italy, b. 1972) is an architect and freelance photographer. He begins taking pictures while studying architecture. Since then the camera is a constant companion in his professional and daily life, a means to explore the hidden geometry underlying the physical world. He is especially interested in recounting what happens to people in everyday life. He now lives in Geneva and has exposed his photographs in Italy, France, Turkey and Switzerland..

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