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PhoS/ΦΩS Athens: A free street photography colloquium

Photography competitions and workshops with fancy awards and attractive promises are the rule in most events of this kind. Usually, a great organization/institution guarantees the promotion and ensures the smooth functioning of the activities. The participating photographer is the fifth wheel on the wagon, who, having handed in his work, waits inactive for the magic email which will verify that he has been chosen or given an award, material or of any other kind. However, there are cases when these events have an additional value, when the motives of the event are pure, the photographers can actively participate in all of its phases, the interaction and the personal contacts are reinforced, the profit is not the ultimate goal, and, above all, the event is the outcome of the cooperation of photographers, photographic communities, collectives, and other parts with an interest in this kind of events.

The newly founded ‘PhoS/ΦΩS Athens 2017’ festival is a case like this. The realization of the festival is the product of the cooperation of iFocus online magazine, BULB photo collective, StreetHunters community, Street Core Photography community. As the organizers mention:

“PhoS/ΦΩS (photography and the street) in Athens is the first and only free street photography colloquium in Greece, made by you for you, talented street photographers!”

Whoever interested in the event can participate actively as competing photographers, jury, curators, lecturers, participants in seminars, workshops, or as simple visitors and audience of the activities held. It is an ambitious and promising attempt and in[+]frame wishes it every success! For more info visit the official website of the festival: and stay tuned via


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